Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Omega Men uncancelled!

DC Comics‘ “Omega Men” live on: The series will continue through at least issue #12, asannounced by DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee on Twitter. The series, written by Tom King and illustrated by Barnaby Bagenda, was announced earlier this week as ending in December with issue #7. Click here to read more! The post The Omega […]

Immediately Available – September 3rd!

Immediately Available Mainstream Artists!   Immediately Available: Penciler Netho Diaz     Immediately Available: Penciler Ian Richardson Coming Available Mainstream Artists!   Coming Available: Penciler:  Douglas Franchin     Coming Available: Penciler:  Barnaby Bagenda   Coming Available: Penciler: Yvel Guichet Immediately Available Indie Artists!   Immediately Available: Penciler Jok-Estudio Haus   Immediately Available: Penciler Eduardo Garcia More Talent […]