Former Batman Editor Darren Vincenzo Joins Space Goat Productions as Art Director


(July 13th, 2015 – Bellingham, WA)


Space Goat Publishing has announced the addition ofDarren Vincenzo to the company as Art Director. VincenzoDarrenHeadShotRb&w joins the upstart publisher following a nearly 10-year stint at DC Comics including a run as editor on Batman. At Space Goat, Vincenzo will oversee all of the art and design elements of the publisher’s books, from covers, to interiors and trade dress.

“Basically, I look at as much of the visual output from our artists as possible, from character designs to covers to colors and offer input that I feel will help make it stronger. Due to a variety of factors, I am much more ‘hands on’ with certain titles than with others, but wherever I feel my input can be helpful, I try to jump in and help,” said Vincenzo.

“I’ve known Darren for a number of years,” Space Goat CEO Shon Bury said. “And we’ve developed a short hand for effective communication. He has a great eye for comics and visuals and I can already see an improvement in the look of our books.”

Vincenzo has over 20 years of experience in comic books, including nearly 10 years at DC Entertainment as a production artist, editor, freelance colorist & writer. “My past experience as a DC editor gives me a unique perspective on creating and working with high-profile, fan-favorite characters,” said Vincenzo.

Vincenzo art-directs all Space Goat Publishing covers and contributes edits to a variety of stories including: Over My Dead Body, The Family Secret, Doorkickers and more!

More About Space Goat Productions: 

Established in 2006 by comic-book veteran Shon C. Bury, Space Goat Productions, Inc., is the comic book industry’s premier talent management and production company. Space Goat Publishing is a division of Space Goat Productions focused on bringing entertaining comics to readers all over the globe.

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