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(February 24, 2015 – Bellingham, WA) – Space Goat CEO Shon Bury has announced that industry veteran Dave Olbrich has joined the new comic-book publisher as Senior Vice President – Publishing & Business Affairs. The announcement was made over the weekend at the annual ComicsPRO retailer event in Portland, OR.

Olbrich was one of the founders of Malibu Comics, helping the company grow to 30 monthly titles and 150 employees as it launched the Ultraverse. Its success eventually led to its sale to Marvel Comics. He was also the founding publisher of Image Comics and the creator ­owned imprint Bravura.

“Dave’s been working behind ­the scenes with me on the launch of Space Goat Publishing from the beginning,” Shon said. “Space Goat’s core mission has always been to find creators with a unique voice that isn’t being heard yet. Dave has a successful track record of finding those kinds of creators.”

“Shon and I have been talking extensively about the evolution of the comics market and the changes in the readership in recent years,” Olbrich said. “The audience for the kinds of comics Space Goat will publish is growing, and I’ll be working to streamline the ways we can reach readers and retailers.”

Space Goat Publishing will have booths at Emerald City Comic Con in March and Phoenix Comic Con in May to show off our new titles and listen to fans. The team will also be looking at portfolios and submissions for new creators to join Space Goat Publishing.

Space Goat Publishing officially launches in May 2015 with two miniseries, Mage, Inc. #1 and Big Game Hunters #1, and the hardcover anthology Space Goat Presents.

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