Packaging Company Releases Book at Local Launch Party




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Packaging Company Releases Book at Local Launch Party

(June 5, 2014 – Bellingham, WA) – Space Goat Productions proudly announces a book launch
party for the release of Space Goat Presents—an anthology of stories and production artwork
showcasing some of the best established and up-and-coming talent of Space Goat Productions.

Hosted and co-sponsored by The Comics Place and Rocket Donuts, the launch party will occur
on July 5th from 1-6 pm at The Comics Place. This launch party features free donuts from Rocket
donuts, an exciting raffle, and more!

As a completely in-house project produced in ten weeks, Space Goat Presents not only entertains
with exciting new stories but also spotlights the wide-spectrum of skills and key services that
Space Goat Productions routinely provides for clients in and outside the comic book industry.

The anthology includes contributions from industry veterans such as RB Silva, Yvel Guichet
and Darren Vincenzo as well as work from up-and-coming talent Douglas Franchin, Caio Cacau,
Alan Quah, and Justin Peniston.

From IP generation to writing and editing to pencils, inking, coloring, lettering, all the way
through pre-press and print-brokering, Space Goat Productions is the production and packaging
team perfect for anyone’s project of any size—and this anthology is finite proof of that.

“Space Goat Productions is the best kept secret in the comic book industry. I’m afraid of what
will happen if more people find out about them,” said Frank Hannah, filmmaker and comic book

“What a perfect way to promote our amazing roster of talent when they are not busy making
Batman or Aquaman or Halo comics for key customers like DC Comics and Dark Horse,” said
Space Goat Productions’ founder Shon C. Bury. “These guys are literally working on these
projects for us in their idle time between bigger projects—but they won’t be idle for long.

Several have already landed work on high-profile jobs. Look at this stuff!”
As the anthology is also digitally optimized for the iPad, be on the lookout for these stories to
appear on a digital platform near you throughout the summer and beyond.

“The Space Goat folks know comics,” said Jay Faerber, comic book and TV writer, “and it
shows in this multiple-genre anthology that epitomizes everything great about the medium.”

“I can expect an extra level of genius from Space Goat Productions,” said Dark Horse Editor-in-
Chief Scott Allie.

Pre-order your copy today at and we’ll see you at the launch party!

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