Comic Book Creative Services Provider Hits LIMA




Comic Book Creative Services Provider Hits LIMA

(May 27, 2014 – Bellingham, WA) – Space Goat Productions, Inc. announces their attendance at
the Las Vegas Licensing Expo from June 17- June 19. They will be showcasing their expertise
in commercial art, concept design, book packaging, and interactive digital comics for many of
the biggest companies and brands in the world, and they’re looking to add your company and
licenses to their already extensive list of clients and credits.

Space Goat Productions is scheduling meetings for all three days of the show. To set up a
meeting or for more information, please e-mail
Space Goat Productions is excited to meet with you and discuss bringing your concepts and
licenses to market!

“Space Goat Productions is the best kept secret in the comic book industry. I’m afraid of what
will happen if more people find out about them,” said Frank Hannah, filmmaker and comic book

“Space Goat has provided us with some high-level talent and hit some very demanding
deadlines. Much like aspirin, they’re the miracle cure,” said Alex Antone, Associate Editor at DC

“I can expect an extra level of genius from Space Goat Productions,” said Dark Horse Editor-in-
Chief Scott Allie.

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